What is a pupa?


What is a pupa?


All insects go through a metamorphosis as their move from their egg stage to their adult stage of life. However, there are two distinct processes. You're probably familiar with the butterfly's cycle in which it hatches from the egg as a caterpillar, creates a chrysalis, and emerges from the chrysalis as a butterfly. Other insects, like the grasshopper, go through a different cycle that does not involve a chrysalis or cocoon. They are born as tiny versions of their adult selves and grow. Those tiny versions, rather than being called larvae like we do with the caterpillars of the butterfly, are called nymphs.

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In the life cycle of many insects, the process of changing from an egg to an adult is called metamorphosis. If the cycle has four stages, it is called complete metamorphosis. These stages are the egg, the larvae, the pupa, and the adult. In butterflies, we have eggs followed by caterpillars for the larval form. The third stage, the pupa, is the adolescent stage where the butterfly transforms from the caterpillar to the butterfly within a protective chrysalis. Other insects may make a similar protective housing called a cocoon.

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