What is a maharani?


What is a maharani?

Political Structures of the World:

The term ""maharani"" is a title used in some countries of the Asian continent, among others India, Nepal and the Philippines. The maharani title is feminine and can be obtained for various reasons.

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Maharani are the rulers (or wives of rulers) in a number of Asian countries among which are the following: India, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines. The title ""maharani"" is given to a woman married to a maharaja (ruler of a state) or to a woman who governs a country where laws allow a woman to be ruler of state. ""Maharani"" could also refer to a queen or princess. In fact, the term ""maharani"" derives from Sanskrit and means ""great queen."" The widows of kings do not maintain the title of maharani, but they are called ""rajmata"" (which means ""queen mother""). Sometimes, we can find maharani written in a somewhat different way, such as ""maharanee"" or ""moharani"".

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