What information does a selection decision-maker need to collect in making staffing decisions?...


What information does a selection decision-maker need to collect in making staffing decisions? What are the ways in which this information can be collected?

Staffing in an organization:

Staffing: This is the process of acquiring and training a candidate to undertake a particular job and responsibilities for the effectiveness of an organization. Finding the right person for a position is very critical to the organization and tough decisions should be made in this process.

Answer and Explanation:

Know what you want: The management should be well versed will the qualities and qualifications needed for the available position

Have a set target for academic requirements: Have in mind the list academic qualifications that a candidate needs for the job vacancy.

Consider promotion: Allow room of considering internal development other than having a new staff.

Develop a questioner: this help guide the interviewer in accessing the candidates

Determine who will be in the interview board: Set and prepare your interviewing team to be ready for the process.

Invite the candidates: After the team is ready to invite the candidates to be scrutinized.

Gather feedback and rank candidates: After the interviews are through compared the interviewing guide and settle on the best candidates.

Having all this information will help the decision maker have an easy time settling to the best candidate for the open position and will be confident in offering them the job.

Survey method: This is where questioners are used. These may help in knowing what is required for a candidate in a particular position.

Observations: Conducting some inspections a decision maker may be in a position to know the kind of qualifications to consider for the best candidate.

Use of existing data: A staffing decision maker may be guided by the available data to know what is to be looked into the candidate.

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