What happens if DNA replication goes wrong?


What happens if DNA replication goes wrong?

DNA Replication:

DNA replication occurs during S phase of the cell cycle. S phase occurs prior to mitosis so that the daughter cells produced can have the correct amount of DNA.

Mitosis and Meiosis:

  • Mitosis is used to create an exact copy of a single cell, while meiosis is used to create the gametes used for sexual reproduction.
  • Before starting either one of these processes, the DNA of the cell is replicated. For mitosis this ensures that each new cell has a complete copy of the DNA, in the case of meiosis, this allows chromosomes to pair up and exchange genetic information
  • Mitosis is a cycle that allows an organism to grow and develop, while meiosis is used just for sexual reproduction

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If DNA replication goes wrong, the cell can either repair the mistakes or go through apoptosis. During DNA replication, DNA polymerase occasionally...

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