What does dark matter do?


What does dark matter do?

Dark Matter:

Dark matter is a theorized form of matter that exists in our universe. The term theorized means that no one has been able to see dark matter, but we have been able to perceive the effects of dark matter working in nature, that's why we know it exists. We haven't been able to clearly define dark matter, but we have perceived some characteristics

1) It is dark, outside the visible spectrum range. So it's not a star nor a planet. Most of the matter in the universe is not visible, which puts dark matter in this category of unseen matter.

2) It's not like normal matter, as it's not composed of particles known as baryons, which normal matter are made of.

3) Dark matter is not antimatter, as we don't see the energy release that happens when antimatter collides with normal matter, destroying it in the process.

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