What does a barometer do?


What does a barometer do?

Atmospheric Pressure

The atmosphere, that surrounds the Earth, is like an ocean of air that we live at the bottom of. Just like when you go to the bottom of a swimming pool and feel the pressure of water above you, we experience the pressure of all the air that is above us in the atmosphere. The atmosphere extends to about a mile above us and all of the air that is above us has weight. The weight of that air is what places pressure on us. The pressure created by the atmosphere is very consistent because the amount of air in the atmosphere stays consistent. On the average, the atmosphere creates 14.7 pounds of pressure on every square inch of the surface area of objects on the surface of the Earth.

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A barometer is a device that measures atmospheric pressure. It was first developed in the 1600s by Evangelista Torricelli to measure the pressure of...

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