What do you expect when you mix 1 M {eq}Na_2SO_4 {/eq} with 1 M {eq}CaCl_2 {/eq}?


What do you expect when you mix 1 M {eq}Na_2SO_4 {/eq} with 1 M {eq}CaCl_2 {/eq}?

Precipitation Reaction:

A precipitation reaction involves mixing two salt solutions each of which are freely soluble in water. However when combined they will readily form a precipitate consisting of a cation-anion pair from the two respective salts. You can predict the identity of precipitates in such reactions by considering all possible cation-anion pairs that can form from reaction and considering the Ksp values of these products. Products with low Ksp values will be relatively insoluble in water and thus drive the reaction to completion.

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Sodium sulfate solution will readily react with calcium chloride solution to give a precipitate of calcium sulfate:

{eq}Na_2SO_4 + CaCl_2...

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