What color change would get when one drop of BTB to {eq}\displaystyle \rm Na_3PO_4 {/eq}?


What color change would get when one drop of BTB to {eq}\displaystyle \rm Na_3PO_4 {/eq}?

Acid-Base Indicator:

An important property of any aqueous solution is its pH value. If this value is different from 7 at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, then the solution is acidic or basic relative to pure water. One way to determine this property is by introducing a small quantity of an indicator chemical. This chemical is a weak acid itself, with the starting and weak conjugate base forms having different visible colors. The dominant form of the indicator chemical will depend on the pH of the solution in which it is present.

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It is assumed that "BTB" is the bromothymol blue indicator. This indicator is known to show a yellow color at a pH below 6.0 and a blue colo...

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