What are the three aspects of organizational architecture? What is the primary goal of an...


What are the three aspects of organizational architecture? What is the primary goal of an economic system? How do the architectural components help in achieving this goal?

Organizational Architecture:

The organizational architecture includes the structure of an organization, culture, processes, and controls it refers to the properties of the operational visibility and unit that interconnected for understanding the design specification.

Answer and Explanation:

The organizational architecture refers to the space that impacts the environment on the individual in, and around the organization, it concerns to the extent a company plans for their employees and position.

The three aspects of organizational architecture are:

Assignment of decision right

Method of rewarding individuals

Performing evaluation of individuals and business units

The fundamental aim of an economic system is to give an individual with a minimum standard of living, quality of life. An economic system relates to the method of production and allocation of resources and involves the union of the separate institution, the process of decision making. Thus, it executes the complete utilization of limited resources.

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