What are the next two terms of the following sequence? 1, 5, 9... A. 27, 211 B. 10, 11 C. 12, 15...


What are the next two terms of the following sequence?

1, 5, 9...

A. 27, 211

B. 10, 11

C. 12, 15

D. 13, 17

Arithmetic Sequence:

In mathematics there is a diversity of operations that lead to results from the simplest to the most complex, however, it is always necessary to take into account the analysis of the mathematical operations to be performed before executing them. There are problems whose statements are a little confusing but their resolution is very easy; there are also very complex problems with very easy statements but the resolution of these carries a higher degree of difficulty. Consequently, it is always necessary to reason about the question and where it will lead us.

A very particular case is the arithmetic sequence, which is when the numerical difference that exists between subsequent numbers in a sequence is equal. Otherwise, it is not an arithmetic sequence. In this question we will work with an arithmetic sequence to find two terms from a sequence and we will explain in detail how to identify an arithmetic sequence and find new terms.

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To solve this question you have to solve the given sequence to know which terms are the following:

{eq}1,5,9, {/eq}...

The first two terms should...

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