What are the four career issues in the new workplace facing managers today? Discuss one of the...


What are the four career issues in the new workplace facing managers today? Discuss one of the major challenges, highlighting its importance in the 21st-century workplace and how it affects the behavior of people within organizations.

Work ethics

Workplace ethics means the rule of personal conduct established by social traditions and the employer for the workplace environment. It influences the managers and co-workers and includes effective control.

Answer and Explanation:

The four career issues in the workplace are;

1- Failure of ethics and corporate government: Failure of ethics breaks the law and disrupts the organization's functioning.

2- Diversity and discrimination: It is best to treat people equally who are different from one another as discrimination takes power away from the company.

3- Intellectual capital and self-management skills: They face difficulty in decision making, innovation, etc.

4- Globalisation: It promotes a diversified workplace and increases the flow of trade.

The major challenge showcased in the 21st century is conflict management, which affects team member morale, turnover and litigation, and the company's prosperity, either constructively or destructively, and is dealt with by the managers. It encompasses a wide range of conflicts that people experience in an organization and affects people's behavior due to incompatibility of goals, differences over interpretation of facts, and disagreements based on behavioral expectations.

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