What are the eight methods of resolving conflict?


What are the eight methods of resolving conflict?

Conflict Resolution:

Conflict management are the techniques adopted in order to solve the existing differences among individuals. The ultimate role of conflict management is minimizing the negative implications of conflicts.

Answer and Explanation:

There are different methods of solving conflicts. They include

  • Negotiation. It is a technique of solving differences by coming up with a consensual agreement. The method aids in avoiding further arguments and disputes.
  • Total surrender. The conflict resolution method occurs when one party in an argument concedes or accepts the demands of another one.
  • Problem-solving. It entails coming up with an agreeable solution to remedy the conflicting situation. Basically, the parties involved figure out the best solution to the problem at hand.
  • Postponement. It involves delaying the solution to a conflict to a later date.
  • Arbitration. It entails the use of a third party in who is responsible for making a binding decision that reconciles the conflicting parties.
  • Persuasion. It is the process of convincing the conflicting party to solve their differences in an amicable way.
  • Unilateral decision. It occurs when one of the conflicting parties makes the decision without consulting others.
  • Haggling. It refers to engaging in an argument in order come up with a mutual solution of solving the misunderstandings.

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