What are the advantages of employee diversity?


What are the advantages of employee diversity?

Workplace diversity:

Workplace diversity is the phenomenon of hiring a vast range of diverse employees. It can include a variety based on ethnicity, age, race, language and sexuality. It encourages the appreciation of different individuals and their varying characteristics.

Answer and Explanation:

Advantages of employee diversity are: -

1. Employee diversity increases productivity as the employees are appreciated and valued, which keeps them engaged in the organization.

2. It improves creativity as diverse minds come up with fresh and innovative ideas, which is critical for any organization to flourish.

3. Employee diversity further encourages employee retention as the biases based on age, race, religion and culture are cut down.

4. Employee diversity helps people fight unconscious biases and preconceived notions in the workplace.

5. The employer brand and global reputation are improved as a diverse workforce makes for great importance.

6. Diverse workplaces improve company culture and build respect among each other.

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