What are stressors? Discuss the five major categories of organizational stressors.


What are stressors? Discuss the five major categories of organizational stressors.


While a certain level of stress is manageable and even beneficial, stress in the workplace is typically difficult to avoid. Organizational stressors impact business operations negatively if they are mismanaged.

Answer and Explanation:

Stressors are stimuli that bring about the feeling of anxiety. The tension associated with stressors can be debilitating and ultimately lead to burnout if exposure continues.

The five major categories of organizational stressors are as follows:

  1. Intrinsic stressors are work-related and make the tasks of the position more intricate.
  2. The role within the organization, if conflicting or difficult to define, can cause stress.
  3. Career development and considering one's future in an organization.
  4. Relationships at work and interpersonal interactions with coworkers can be the source of stress.
  5. Organizational structure and climate directly impact an employee's experience of their tasks.



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