What are some ways to be an effective team builder in the workplace?


What are some ways to be an effective team builder in the workplace?

How to be an Effective Team Builder:

Having an effective and cohesive team is essential to achieve success in the workplace. From the perspective of an employee, being able to work well with colleagues is key to work satisfaction paving the way to a lasting and engaging career. When teams work well together, problems are solved faster, members are more productive, and new initiatives and ideas can flow easily making the business thrive more. Importantly, having a robust team can build morale and promote employee engagement and retention.

Answer and Explanation:

To be able to build and lead a team effectively, a leader should establish relationships with their team members based on trust and respect, rather impose his or her influence based on position or rank.

Here are some ways to be an effective team builder:

Clearly establish and communicate the goals or direction of the team or organization. Regularly relay the progress of the team or its members and how close they are toward reaching common goals. This way, members are aware of the status of their progress and identify challenges that lie ahead.

Discuss the necessity of teamwork in meeting goals and performance standards. It is important that team members develop good relationships among themselves to ensure cohesiveness at all times. Conflict will slow progress and will tremendously affect team performance.

Listen to suggestions and consider all ideas as valid and worthy of consideration. Inspire and encourage everyone to offer help and share information stressing that communication is an essential factor to maintain teamwork.

To bring out the best in a team, regularly provide pep talk and create fun exercises or activities. Teams perform better when fun is made to be an integral factor in their day to day work. Importantly, a positive and fun environment often result to higher levels of engagement and productivity.

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