What are some ways that eukaryotic gene expression can be regulated?


What are some ways that eukaryotic gene expression can be regulated?

Gene Expression

What is meant by this is how much protein is produced in the cell, which is coded for in the DNA. This occurs through the central dogma of biology, whereby DNA is transcribed into RNA, which is then translated into protein. The way that this is regulated will determine the individual characteristics of the different cell types.

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Gene expression can be regulated at many different levels, including on the DNA, RNA, or the Protein, below are some examples of each:


  • There can be altered transcription factors on the DNA backbone
  • The chromatin modelling complexes (i.e. histones) can be altered so that a gene becomes more or less accessible


  • The RNA can be spliced in different ways so that an alternate protein is made
  • The RNA can be degraded at different frequencies, altering the amount of gene product produced


  • The rate of protein degradation can be altered
  • The folding of a protein can change depending on its location, which will alter the effects that it may display

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