What are some physical properties of nonmetals?


What are some physical properties of nonmetals?


Nonmetals can either refer to the group of elements labeled specifically as nonmetals or it can refer to all elements that are no classified as elements. In the latter case, this refers to the nonmetals, metalloids, and noble gases.

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Some of the physical properties most characteristic of nonmetals involve their luster, malleability, melting and boiling points, and electrical or heat conductivity. Nonmetals lack luster or only have a slight luster, meaning they are often very dull in appearance. They lack malleability, thus they are brittle and will easily break. Most nonmetals have low melting and boiling points, which is why many nonmetals are gases. Finally, nonmetals do not easily conduct heat and electricity, classifying them as insulators rather than conductors.

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