using the functions {eq}\text{ find } (f \times g) (x) \\ f (x)= x^2 -4x-2 \\ g (x)= x+7 \\ {/eq}


using the functions {eq}\text{ find } (f \times g) (x) \\ f (x)= x^2 -4x-2 \\ g (x)= x+7 \\ {/eq}

Multiplying Two Functions:

If we multiply two functions, we will get a new function. For multiplying the two functions, we have to follow some steps. They are distributing the parentheses, applying the exponent rules, and then adding or subtracting the same terms.

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The given functions are {eq}f (x)= x^2 -4x-2 {/eq} and {eq}g (x)= x+7 {/eq}.

Finding {eq}(f \times g) (x) {/eq}:

$$\begin{align*} (f \times g)...

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