Use the following information from treasury note & bond table...


Use the following information from treasury note & bond table

MaturityCouponBidAskedChgAsked Value

Locate the Treasury issue in Figure 6.3 maturing in February 2026. Assume a par value of $1,000.

Requirement 1:

What is its coupon rate?

Requirement 2:

What is its bid price in dollars?

Requirement 3:

What was the previous day's asked price in dollars?


This question calls for a basic understanding a bond, which is a financial security that represents a debt obligation between a company or government and an investor/lender.

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Requirement 1

The coupon rate is provided as 6.000%.

Requirement 2

The bid price (in dollars) is $1,413.91 (141.3906/100 * $1,000 = $1,413.91).


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