The partial fractions decomposition of 1/(x^2 + x - 2) has the form A/(x + 1) + B/(x - 2) where...


The partial fractions decomposition of {eq}\frac{1}{x^2 + x - 2} {/eq} has the form {eq}\frac{A}{x + 1} + \frac{B}{x - 2} {/eq} where {eq}A, B {/eq} are some constants. True or False?

Decomposing an Expression as a Partial Fraction:

A complex rational expression is typically broken down to a sum or difference of two or more basic rational terms, using the idea of partial fraction decomposition. The denominator is factored in first. Then, we convert each related factor into its rational form and assign certain constants to it. Calculating the constants' values is the final step.

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Consider the expression {eq}\dfrac{1}{x^2+x-2} {/eq}.

Factor the denominator of this expression by splitting the middle term.

{eq}\begin{aligned} ...

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