The mass of a 14.4% (by mass) solution is 8.56 g. The density of the solution is 1.024 g/mL. What...


The mass of a {eq}\rm 14.4\% {/eq} (by mass) solution is {eq}\rm 8.56 \ g {/eq}. The density of the solution is {eq}\rm 1.024\ g/mL {/eq}. What is the mass of the water in this solution?

A) {eq}\rm 7.33 \ g {/eq}.

B) {eq}\rm 1.26\ g {/eq}.

C) {eq}\rm 0.00733\ kg {/eq}.

D) {eq}\rm 7.5\ g {/eq}.

E) {eq}\rm 10\ g {/eq}.

Percentage by Mass

Mass percent composition measures the amount of a substance in 100 grams of a solution. The formula for calculating the mass percent of a substance is as follows:

{eq}\rm \%mass=\frac{mass\,substance}{mass\,solution} \times 100 {/eq}

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The correct answer is A) {eq}\rm \bf 7.33 \ g {/eq}.

Step 1: Calculate the mass percent of water.

{eq}\rm \%water=100\%-14.4\%=85.6\% {/eq}


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