The IT Corporation produces and markets two types of electronic calculators: Model 11 and Model...


The IT Corporation produces and markets two types of electronic calculators: Model 11 and Model 12. The following data were gathered on activities last month:

Model 11Model 12
Sales in units5,0003,000
Selling price per unit$50$100
Variable production costs per unit$10$26
Traceable fixed production costs$100,000$150,000
Variable selling expenses per unit$5$6
Traceable fixed selling expenses$5,000$7,500
Allocated division administrative expenses$50,000$60,000

Required: Prepare a segmented income statement in the contribution format for last month.

Segmented income statement:

A segment is any department or activity of a company. When a manager of the segment seeks a report of the costs, revenue or profit data of the group, the manager will report a segmented income statement. The contribution format separates fixed from variable costs and enables the calculation of a contribution margin. Traceable fixed costs are separated from common fixed costs to enable the calculation of a segment margin and common costs should not be allocated to segments but calculated against the total of the segments.

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Total Percent Model 11 Percent Model 12 Percent
Sales revenue $550,000 100% $250,000 100% $300,000 100%
Variable expense $171,000 31...

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