Streeterville Foods, Inc., has recently purchased a small mill that it intends to operate as one...


Streeterville Foods, Inc., has recently purchased a small mill that it intends to operate as one of its subsidiaries. The newly acquired mill has three products that it offers for sale wheat cereal, pancake mix, and flour. Each product sells for $10 per package. Materials, labor, and other variable production costs are $3.30 per bag of wheat cereal, $4.50 per bag of pancake mix, and $2.10 per bag of flour. Sales commissions are 10% of sales for any product. All other costs are fixed.

The mill?s income statement for the most recent month is given below:

Product Line
Total Company Wheat Cereal Pancake Mix Flour
Sales $690,000 $230,000 $330,000 $130,000
Materials, labor, and other 251,700 75,900 148,500 27,300
Sales commissions69,00023,00033,00013,000
Equipment depreciation34,50011,50016,5006,500
Warehouse rent 13,800 4,600 6,6002,600
General administration72,00024,00024,00024,000
Total expenses670,680236,900316,800116,980
Net operating income (loss)$19,320$(6,900)$13,200$13,020

The following additional information is available about the company:

a. The same equipment is used to mill and package all three products. In the above income statement, equipment depreciation has been allocated on the basis of sales dollars. An analysis of equipment usage indicates that it is used 30% of the time to make wheat cereal, 60% of the time to make pancake mix, and 10% of the time to make flour.

b. All three products are stored in the same warehouse. In the above income statement, the warehouse rent has been allocated on the basis of sales dollars. The warehouse contains 27,600 square feet of space, of which 8,000 square feet are used for wheat cereal, 14,000 square feet are used for pancake mix, and 5,600 square feet are used for flour. The warehouse space costs the company $0.50 per square foot per month to rent.

c. The general administration costs related to the administration of the company as a whole. In the above income statement, these costs have been divided equally among the three product lines.

d. All other costs are traceable to the product lines.

Streeterville Foods management is anxious to improve the mill s 2.80% margin on sales.


1. Prepare a new contribution format segmented income statement for the month. Adjust the allocation of equipment depreciation and warehouse rent as indicated by the additional information provided.

2. After seeing the income statement in the main body of the problem, management has decided to eliminate the wheat cereal because it is not returning a profit, and to focus all available resources on promoting the pancake mix.

Based on the statement you have prepared, do you agree with the decision to eliminate the wheat cereal?

Contribution Margin Segmented Income Statement:

A contribution margin income statement divides the cost structure into variable costs and fixed costs. Moreover, for a segmented income statement, cost allocation is done based on the actual consumption and not on traditional assumptions. So, the contribution margin segmented income statement provides more factual data and helps management in decision making.

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a. Contribution margin segmented income statement for the company as a whole with each product line:

Product Line

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