Standing waves on a 1.3 \ m long string that is fixed at both ends are seen at successive...


Standing waves on a {eq}1.3 \ m {/eq} long string that is fixed at both ends are seen at successive frequencies of {eq}36 \ Hz {/eq} and {eq}54 \ Hz {/eq}.

(a) What is the fundamental frequency?

(b) What is the wave speed?

Standing Wave on a String

The frequency of a standing wave on a stretched string tied at both ends is given by, {eq}f_n = n f {/eq}, where

  • n is the number of harmonics of the standing wave
  • f is the fundamental frequency, which is given by, {eq}f = \dfrac{v}{2 l} {/eq}, where
  • v is the speed of the wave on the string
  • l is the length of the string

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Given :

The length of the string is, l = 1.3 m

The successive frequencies of the standing wave on this string are, 36 H and 54 Hz

Part (a)

Let the...

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