Staffing issues can involve hiring new people with new skills, firing people with inappropriate...


Staffing issues can involve hiring new people with new skills, firing people with inappropriate or substandard skills, and/or training existing employees to learn new skills. Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

Organizational Functions:

The set of activities carried out by the various departments of an organization are referred to as the organization's functions. They includes various functions in terms of information technology, finance and warehousing. They have been classified in terms of the front office and back office functions.

Answer and Explanation:

The above statement is true.


The organization faces various challenges and issues in hiring new people, firing people, and developing their skills when they perform the management's staffing functions. They face the issue from the screening of the candidates to their development on the basis of what an organization requires. It also focuses on maintaining a competitive workforce in an organization.

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