Solve {eq}x^2- y {/eq} for x= -10 and y = 100.


Solve {eq}x^2- y {/eq} for x= -10 and y = 100.

Functions in 3D:

In multivariable calculus, a function in three-dimensional space is represented in a form {eq}z(x, y) {/eq}, where {eq}z {/eq} is a dependent variable and {eq}x, y {/eq} are independent variables. Given a particular point {eq}(x_1, y_1) {/eq} which belongs to the function, the value of the dependent variable can be evaluated as {eq}z(x_1, y_1) {/eq} by direct substitution of the coordinates {eq}(x_1, y_1) {/eq} into the algebraic expression of {eq}z {/eq}.

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Given a multivariable function:

{eq}z(x, y) = x^2 - y {/eq}

As well as a point:

{eq}(x_1, y_1) = (-10, 100) {/eq}

We can evaluate the function...

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