Solve the quadratic equation by the square root property {eq}(2x - 1)^2 =25 {/eq}.


Solve the quadratic equation by the square root property {eq}(2x - 1)^2 =25 {/eq}.

Quadratic Equation

The quadratic equation is one where the maximum exponent of its variable is a two. This type of equation can be factored through different methods to obtain the real zeros of the equation. One of these methods is; a difference of squares, perfect square trinomial, common factor, quadratic formula, the property of the square root.

The method of factoring the square root can be done in several steps which are

- Writing on one side of equality in the form of a square exponent and on the other side of equality the constant.

- Clear for the square exponent.

- Apply root to both sides of the equality.

- Simplify the results.

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{eq}(2x - 1)^2 =25 {/eq}.

To start with this question we must apply square root to both sides of the equation:

{eq}\sqrt{(2x - 1)^2} =...

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