Solve the quadratic equation:

{eq}{9 \over 8} - 2 = {5 \over {{x^2}}} {/eq}


Solve the quadratic equation:

{eq}{9 \over 8} - 2 = {5 \over {{x^2}}} {/eq}

Quadratic equation:

Any equation can be called quadratic equation, if that equation is arranged in the following form.

{eq}a{x^2} + bx + c = 0 {/eq}

Where {eq}x {/eq} is unknown. And {eq}a, b {/eq} &, {eq}c {/eq} are variables.

Every quadratic equation has two solutions called the roots of that equation.

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Given data

  • The given quadratic equation is {eq}\dfrac{9}{8} - 2 = \dfrac{5}{{{x^2}}}. {/eq}

The above expression can be written as,


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