Solve the quadratic equation {eq}5x^{2} - 80 = 0. {/eq}


Solve the quadratic equation {eq}5x^{2} - 80 = 0. {/eq}

Quadratic Equation:

The quadratic equation is the algebraic expression with a two-degree variable and gives a parabola on the plotting. The roots of the parabola are the points that are interested by the parabola and the x-axis or are the x-intercepts of the parabola.

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The given equation is {eq}5x^{2} - 80 = 0. {/eq}

$$\begin{align} \rm 5x^{2} - 80 &= \rm 0 &\left[ \text{Dividing the equation by 5} \right] ...

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