Solve: {eq}\sqrt{3x+7}+2 = \sqrt{8x+1} {/eq}


Solve: {eq}\sqrt{3x+7}+2 = \sqrt{8x+1} {/eq}

Square Root

The square root of a number {eq}x {/eq}, which is denoted {eq}\sqrt{x} {/eq} is defined by the following:

{eq}y = \sqrt{x} {/eq} if and only if {eq}y^2 = x {/eq} and {eq}y \geq 0 {/eq}

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We have that {eq}\sqrt{3x+7}+2 = \sqrt{8x+1} {/eq}

We can square both sides of the equation as following:

{eq}\begin{align} (\sqrt{3x+7}+2)^2 &=...

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