Solve for x: {eq}x^2 -3x \geq 10 {/eq} .


Solve for x: {eq}x^2 -3x \geq 10 {/eq} .

Quadratic Inequality:

A quadratic inequality is an algebraic expression of a second-degree variable in which the two sides of the expression are not equal to each other. The comparison between the sides of the expression can be given by the signs of inequality. The quadratic inequality can be given as {eq}ax^2 + bx +c > 0. {/eq}

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The given quadratic inequality is {eq}x^2 - 3x \ge 10 {/eq}

$$\begin{align} x^2 -3x &\ge \rm 10 \\[0.3cm] x^2 -3x -10 &\ge \rm 0 ...

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