Solve for {eq}x {/eq}.

{eq}\displaystyle \sqrt {x + 4} = 2 - x {/eq}


Solve for {eq}x {/eq}.

{eq}\displaystyle \sqrt {x + 4} = 2 - x {/eq}

Solving the Equation:

By using the factoring method for the quadratic equations, we can easily find the solution for the variable. First, we should factor out the common terms, and then use the zero factor property to get the solution.

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$$\begin{align*} \sqrt{x+4} &=2-x \\[0.3cm] \left( \sqrt{x+4} \right)^{2} &=\left( 2-x \right)^{2} & \left[ \text{Squaring on...

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