Solve for {eq}x {/eq}.

{eq}\displaystyle 6 = \bigg(\dfrac {12}{\sqrt x}\bigg) + 2 {/eq}.


Solve for {eq}x {/eq}.

{eq}\displaystyle 6 = \bigg(\dfrac {12}{\sqrt x}\bigg) + 2 {/eq}.

Algebraic expression:

An algebraic expression is an expression that contains some variable, constant, and some mathematical operation such as division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, etc., may occur.

Use these mathematics operations to solve the expression and calculate the value of the variable.

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Given Data:

  • The given algebraic expression is {eq}6 = \left( {\dfrac{{12}}{{\sqrt x }}} \right) + 2 {/eq}.

Use some basic operations to solve...

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