Solve for {eq}x {/eq}:

{eq}\displaystyle 3 x^2 - 15 x + 18 = 0 {/eq}.


Solve for {eq}x {/eq}:

{eq}\displaystyle 3 x^2 - 15 x + 18 = 0 {/eq}.

Quadratic Equation

A quadratic equation always gives two solutions. We get two real solutions when the discriminant of the equation is positive. The real solutions can be found using factorization or the formula.

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The equation can be solved as follows.

$$\begin{align} 3 x^2 - 15 x + 18 &= 0\\[0.2cm] x^2-5x+6&=0& \left[ \text{ Dividing both sides by 3 }...

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