{eq}\displaystyle 4 \sqrt {1 + 3x} + \sqrt {6 x + 3} = \sqrt {-6 x - 1} {/eq}



{eq}\displaystyle 4 \sqrt {1 + 3x} + \sqrt {6 x + 3} = \sqrt {-6 x - 1} {/eq}

Radical Equation

The radical equation is a mathematical equation where we can easily simplify each problem by isolating the radical expression which is involved through its variable through the method of raising both sides of the equation to the same power.

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Tho solve the given equation let's square both sides of the equation.

$$16(1+3x)+8 \sqrt{ (1 + 3x)(6 x + 3)} +6x+3= -6 x - 1 $$

Then distribute ...

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