Replace the polar equation r cos \theta + r sin \theta = 5 with an equivalent Cartesian equation....


Replace the polar equation {eq}r cos \theta + r sin \theta = 5 {/eq} with an equivalent Cartesian equation. Then identify the graph.

The equivalent Cartesian equation is y = ?

Polar to Cartesian form:

The given polar equation can be easily converted into its equivalent Cartesian form by using the standard conversion formulae, which are given as: {eq}\begin {align*} x = r \cos \theta \ , \ \ \ y = r \sin \theta \end{align*} {/eq}. Therafter, from the Cartesian equation we can identify the graph.

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Given polar equation {eq}r \cos \theta + r \sin \theta = 5.................(1) {/eq}.

To find equivalent Cartesian equation.

We know that,


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