PVC company produces a high-quality plastic pipe in two departments, Cooking and Molding....


PVC company produces a high-quality plastic pipe in two departments, Cooking and Molding. Materials are introduced at various points during work in the Cooking Department. After the cooking is completed, the materials are transferred into the Molding Department, in which the pipe is formed.

Selected data relating to the Cooking Department during May are:

Production data:

Pounds in process May 1: materials 100% complete; conversion 90% complete 90,000

Pounds started into production in May 390,000

Pounds completed and transferred to Molding 420,000

Pounds in process, May 31: materials 75% complete, conversion 25% complete 60,000

Cost data:

Work in process inventory, May 1;

Materials cost $112,000

Conversion cost $56,000

Costs added during May,

Materials $501,800

Conversion cost $213,700


Prepare a Production Report using the process costing weighted average equivalent units method for the Cooking department for the month of May.


1. Units to account for

2. Equivalent units

3. Dollar amounts to account for

4. Cost per equivalent unit, rounded to the nearest cent; and

5. Total cost reconciliation for the department.

Preparing a Production Cost Report:

Production cost reports are prepared in companies using a process costing system for each production department in order to reconcile the number of units started into production and those in progress at the beginning of the period to those transferred out and in progress at the end of the period and to reconcile the costs incurred to those assigned.

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PVC Company

Production Report - Cooking Department for May

Physical Units Materials
Equivalent Units
Conversion Costs
Equivalent Units
Flow of...

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