One way to overcome too much division within an organization and retain the positive elements of...


One way to overcome too much division within an organization and retain the positive elements of structure is to encourage or build in boundary-spanning roles.

a. True

b. False


Boundary-spanning is a term that defines communication and coordination activities conducted by individuals to integrate the activities of multiple institutions or entities to create an innovative system. Besides, when organizations are interlinked through the establishment of an effective communication system, they are likely to create internal and external sources of information that enable them to share reliable solutions to challenges faced within an industry.

Answer and Explanation:

The above statement is true.

Moreover, organizations that aim to retain positive elements of their structure by overcoming division within their activities encourage boundary-spanning roles because they share organizational information concerning the challenges faced to source for possible solutions. Therefore, when organizations acquire possible solutions to challenges faced within their internal and external environment, they are likely to overcome division within organizational activities since they encourage workers to work as a team to achieve organizational goals. Eventually, sharing internal and external organizational information influences innovation because organizations determine suitable decisions and strategies that will assist in evolving various business activities to increase productivity and profitability.

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