Name the binary molecular compound {eq}Br_2O_3 {/eq}.


Name the binary molecular compound {eq}Br_2O_3 {/eq}.

Binary Compounds:

The two main classes of compounds that come under the category of binary compounds are listed as:

  • "Binary Ionic Compounds"
  • "Binary Covalent Compounds"

Example for first category is FeO. Example for second category is {eq}\rm SiCl_4 {/eq}

Answer and Explanation: 1

The correct name is dibromine trioxide.

The given compound is {eq}Br_2O_3 {/eq}. In this compound, two non metals are present (bromine and oxygen). There are 2 atoms of bromine; therefore, we will name that part as "dibromine." There are three atoms of oxygen; therefore, we will name that part as "trioxide." The final name of this compound is dibromine trioxide.

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