Let {eq}y={{\left( {{x}^{2}}+2 \right)}^{3}} {/eq}. Find {eq}\frac{dy}{dx} {/eq}. Give answer as a trinomial.


Let {eq}y={{\left( {{x}^{2}}+2 \right)}^{3}} {/eq}. Find {eq}\frac{dy}{dx} {/eq}. Give answer as a trinomial.

Trinomial Expression:

A mathematical expression consisting of three terms is called a trinomial expression. Here, all these three terms of the trinomial must be non-zero. Like, {eq}\text{ab}+\text{bc}+\text{c,}\ \text{and}\ {{x}^{2}}y+\text{b}x+x {/eq} are two different examples of trinomial expressions. The expression {eq}\text{a}{{x}^{2}}+\text{b}x+\text{c} {/eq} is also an example of trinomial expression.

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The following equation is given:

$$y={{\left( {{x}^{2}}+2 \right)}^{3}} $$

Here, the equation {eq}y {/eq} is in the form of...

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