Let f(x, y) = (-(2x + y))^8. Then find partial^2 f/partial x partial y, partial^3 f/partial x...


Let {eq}f(x, y) = (-(2x + y))^8 {/eq}.

Then find {eq}\displaystyle \frac{\partial^2 f}{\partial x \partial y},\ \frac{\partial^3 f}{\partial x \partial y \partial x},\ \frac{\partial^3 f}{\partial x^2 \partial y} {/eq}.

Higher Order:

Determine the derivatives of higher order is equivalent to calculate the derivative iteratively until you reach the order that is requested:

for example, third order partial derivatives require the calculation of three partial derivatives iteratively.

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Given the function {eq}f(x, y) = (-(2x + y))^8 {/eq}, we can simplify first the expression of the function {eq}f(x,y) = {( - (2x + y))^8} = {\left(...

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