Is sandstone a igneous rock?


Is sandstone a igneous rock?

Igneous Rocks Defined:

Igneous rocks are those formed by the cooling of magma. This can occur in magma chambers and channels beneath the surface of the earth or on the surface where lava flows cool.

Volcanic Eruptions:

  • Although there are larger volcanoes on other planets and moons, there are more volcanoes on the surface of the Earth than on other rocky bodies in our solar system.
  • One reason for the volcanic eruptions that are relatively common here is the fact that the Earth,s tectonic plates constantly move around, creating gaps through which magma can erupt, and cracking the plates to allow the liquid rock to move to the surface.
  • Powerful volcanic eruptions often occur in volcanoes with the thickest lava as these can build up to incredible heights and eject rock for dozens of miles.

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