In the production function, Q = 10L1/2 K1/2. Calculate the slope of the isoquant when the...


In the production function, Q = 10L^1/2 K^1/2. Calculate the slope of the isoquant when the entrepreneur is producing efficiently with 9 laborers and 16 units of capital. (Hint: The slope of the isoquant = the ratio of the marginal product of labor to the marginal product of capital.)

Production Function:

The production function demonstrates the link between the total output and the input factors employed in the production process. The function determines the productivity and efficiency level of each input factor that should be used.

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The production function of the given firm is given as follows:

{eq}Q = 10{L^{\dfrac{1}{2}}}{K^{\dfrac{1}{2}}} {/eq}

The combination of labor and...

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