If you Consider a 500-gallon tank that needs to be filled when the level goes below 25 gallons...


If you Consider a 500-gallon tank that needs to be filled when the level goes below 25 gallons and will stop when the level goes above 475 gallons. Control systems can be either open loop or closed loop; each one of them has its own advantages and problems. For the system described above:

Describe how you would implement it using a closed-loop system

Closed-loop system:

A mechanical, as well as an electronic device that automatically regulates the process variables without any human interaction, is called a closed-loop system. The interaction of the closed-loop system takes place with the open-loop system with the help of manual input.

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The given problem can be analyzed with the help of the closed-loop system. The diagrammatic representation for the closed-loop system is given as,

Close-loop system

The above problem shows the closed-loop system that consists of the sensor, controller, input tank as well as output tank. A motor is used for transferring the liquid. Such that the level of liquid in the tank is determined with the help of the sensor. The calibration of the sensor is done in order to show the lower limit that is 25 gallons and a higher limit of 475 gallons. Moreover, sensors also make to monitor the sudden fluctuations in the level of the liquid.

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