If the intensity of sound at a 5 m distance is 50\ \rm{W/m^2}. Calculate the Intensity at a...


If the intensity of sound at a 5 m distance is {eq}50\ \rm{W/m^2} {/eq}. Calculate the Intensity at a distance of 20 m.


In physics, intensity measures the amount of energy per unit of area transversing a surface. The intensity due to a point source is inversely proportional to the squared distance from the source,

{eq}I \propto \dfrac{1}{r^2} {/eq},

presenting spherical symmetry.

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We can establish a rule of three for the intensities at two distances,

{eq}I_1 \propto \dfrac{1}{d_1^2}, \qquad I_2 \propto \dfrac{1}{d_2^2} {/eq}.


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