If {eq}f(x) = 9 \sqrt{x} (x - 2) {/eq}, find {eq}f'(x) {/eq}.


If {eq}f(x) = 9 \sqrt{x} (x - 2) {/eq}, find {eq}f'(x) {/eq}.


Differentiation helps us to calculate a function that is equal to the rate of variation of another function. For example, the velocity function of a moving body is equal to the rate of variation of its position or displacement function. Power rule is an important rule of differentiation, and it states that the differentiation of {eq}{{u}^{n}} {/eq} is {eq}n{{u}^{n-1}} {/eq}.

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We are given the following function:

{eq}f\left( x \right)=9\sqrt{x}\left( x-2 \right) {/eq}

Simplify the above-given function step-by-step as...

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