If employees believe that hard work will lead to good performance and that they will receive low...


If employees believe that hard work will lead to good performance and that they will receive low valence rewards according to their performance, then they will most likely feel highly motivated.

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.


An employee is given the mandate to perform different tasks in an organization under a particular payment as agreed with the management. In an organization, employees are assigned tasks according to their skill and specialization in particular fields. Specialization and skill are the key important elements in production because they determine the quality and quantity of products and services produced within a particular period. Production of quality and enough products that meet consumer demand enable a business to attract more consumers and venture into new markets.

Answer and Explanation:

The above statement is true.

Employees are motivated by high valence rewards. Therefore, they are likely to work hard to get high valence rewards since hard work and employee commitment enable an organization to reach larger markets that build its brand. When an organization serves a large market, it makes more profits out of its sales, making it have enough money to reward its employees. Commitment and hard work of employees enable an organization to specialize in producing particular goods, making it gain dominance in the market. Eventually, gaining market dominance facilitates the achievement of organizational goals because it enables an organization to gain access to limited resources.

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