If both parents are Rh+, can their child be Rh-?


If both parents are Rh+, can their child be Rh-?

Rh factor:

The Rh factor is a protein that is located on the surface of red blood cells. There are two alleles for the Rh factor trait, Rh+ and Rh-. The inheritance pattern is identical to most characteristics that only have two alleles, with Rh+ securing dominance over Rh-.

Answer and Explanation:

The Rh+ allele is dominant to the Rh- allele.

If both parents are Rh+, but are both heterozygous Rh+ Rh-, then there remains a 25% chance that they will produce an Rh- offspring.

If both parents are heterozygous for the Rh trait, their child could be Rh-.

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