If 7.340 g CO is mixed with 18.81 g O2, calculate the theoretical yield (g) of CO2 produced by...


If {eq}7.340\ \rm g\ CO {/eq} is mixed with {eq}18.81\ \rm g \ O_2 {/eq}, calculate the theoretical yield (g) of {eq}\rm CO_2 {/eq} produced by the reaction.

Theoretical Yield:

Theoretical yield illustrates the "amount of product" that should be generated, which is evaluated by stoichiometry. "Determining limiting reagents" is essential to estimate the theoretical yield of the reaction.

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Given data:

  • weight of CO is 7.340 g.
  • Weight of the oxygen molecule is 18.81 g.

The reaction of the formation of carbon dioxide from carbon monoxide...

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