If {eq}\displaystyle 5 z + 4 y = z - 5 {/eq}, what is the value of {eq}\displaystyle -\dfrac 1 {2 y} {/eq}?


If {eq}\displaystyle 5 z + 4 y = z - 5 {/eq}, what is the value of {eq}\displaystyle -\dfrac 1 {2 y} {/eq}?

Solving an Equation for a Variable:

To solve an equation which has multiple variables for a variable, we just apply algebraic operations on both sides of the given equation to isolate the required variable.

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The given equation is,

$$5 z + 4 y = z - 5 \\ \text{Subtracting 5z from both sides}, \\ 4y = -5z+z-5 \\ 4y=-4z-5 \\ \text{Dividing both sides by...

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